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Coriander Powder

About this item

Our Coriander Powder is processed from Highest Quality Coriander that is strictly of Indian Origin only. Our Coriander Powder is free flowing, without any chunks and is ground to fineness as per the particle size specified to us. We deliver Coriander Powder according to your desired specification. We make sure that the Color, Taste, Flavor, Aroma of our Coriander Powder adheres to the natural character of the species.Our Coriander Powder is free from mouldgowth, insect damage, fungus contamination, & infestation.
We make sure that no extraneous matter 'of ANY sort' is used while processing. It is 100% free of any other sort of adulteration & substitution. Therefore it is 100% Pure & 100% Virgin. However we gaurantee& certify microbials& residues &afflatoxins for our Cumin Powder to be within prescribed limits as per the your country's regulations. Product Specification Sheet,Certificate of Analysis By SGS ( &/or Others ) can certainly be submitted for your evaluation. We further arrangePre Shipment Inspections BY SGS ( &/or Others ) if needed by you.