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Tomato Powder

GOGNATH EXIM are offering our customers a wide range of Tomato Powder (Spray Dried).

About this item

Which are available following Specifications :- Description: Orange Red Colour, Free flowing powder, Retain all its nutrition values does not contain any chemical preservative.Taste&Odour: Typical flavour& taste of natural and fresh Tomato free from artificial flavour .Chemical Analysis:Particle Size :100% Passing charge IS – 100 micron IS Sieve Moisture (ODB) :Not more than 5.0 %Active Ingredient :Lycopins& Vitamin C Microbiological Data:Total Plate Count :Less than 10000 per Gram Yeast &Mould :Less than 8 per gram E. Coli :Absent General Specifications:Ingredients :Farm fresh Tomato, Anti- cracking agents.Process Selected farm fresh Tomatoes are first washed thoroughly followed by visual inspection, pulping, standardizing, concentrating and finally spray drying. Pulp Concentration and spray drying are carried out at low temperature to retain flavour, colour and nutrition values.

The particles are dried embedded in food grade matrix and Packed. It is prepared by using all natural ingredients Suggested Application :Commonly used in Indian curry, Chutney preparation , Soup ,ketchup preparation etc.Medical Application :Good as Carminative, Anti Bilious, & for curing jaundice etc.Storage :Shelf life of Six Months in tightly closed package. Store in triple laminated aluminum bag and protect from moisture, freezing and excessive heat.